To foster the preservation and education of the public about things related to Luscombe Aircraft, and Don Luscombe's aviation contributions.
The Luscombe Endowment was created in 2000, by the Luscombe Foundation to assist in support of the Luscombe fleet. More...

Endowment News:

2013 Win-Me Raffle Winners

The 2013 WIN ME drawing which closed November 30, 2013 was audited and completed December 16, 2013.

The Luscombe Endowment wants to thank all of you who supported the Luscombe Endowment programs with your purchases and entries. After promotion costs, restoration costs, and the cost of prizes, we have nearly $14,000 left for product support, technical work, parts, and STC development that will benefit the Luscombe Fleet. Meaghan Katz kindly consented to do the drawing on the way to her evening studies- Video of the drawing (Will Be Available Soon.

The 2013 winners:

Luscombe WIN ME airplane - #935 Steve Wiencke, Phoenix, AZ (former Luscombe Owner)
GPS - #463 Marshall Carter, Cambridge, MA
Aviation Radio - #284 Chip Groner, Montrose AL
$200 gift certificate - #860 Daniel Larsen, Chico, California
$200 gift certificate - #1249 Darrell Feller Bristow, VA
The Luscombe -Saletri - #868 Thomas Huelskemp, Fowler, KS
The Luscombe -Saletri - #892 Colin Madden, Shoreline, WA
The Luscombe -Saletri - #1320H. A. Kirtland JR, Collinwood, TN
The Luscombe -Saletri - #1203 Cecil Garee, Las Vegas NV

Special consideration and thanks go to our many volunteers, workers and supporters of the Luscombe Endowment.

The 2013 Win Me Raffle is SOLDOUT

Our fund raising program for 2013 will draw for early bird prizes in November 2012, and May 2013, before drawing for the grand prize – A Restored Luscombe 8A with electrical system (N77917), in late 2013. A big change is the reduction in the total available Tickets to 1500 total entries and adjustment of the ticket pricing to offset the reduced number of entries. These changes were undertaken to shorten the length of drawing, and to reduce the administrative costs. Your donations and purchases provide tax deductible support to the Luscombe Endowment for its historic preservation, Luscombe support and public educational activities.
We have also increased the single entry price for participation from $45 to $100 for a single ticket so as to minimize the costs of promotion, advertising, and processing; We believe this will also shorten the time to the next drawing. Ticket sales tally: only ZERO remain, with 1500 sold as of December 1, 2013.

Our normal process of having the Ticket sales audited and verified by our accountant is underway and we expect to be performing the drawing and notify winners in December.
N77917 will be receiving a complete annual inspection before being presented to its new owner.

  • More details are contained in the 2013 Win Me Flyer

  • Sun-n-fun tour Photos of 2013 Win-Me airplane

  • Attending the Copperstate EAA Flyin, Casa Grande AZ USA Oct 24-26, 2013

  • You can Purchase 2013 Win Me Tickets Here

  • 2012 Win-Me Raffle, Winners:

  • Jack Mason's Win-Me 2012 Luscombe 8E N1770K

  • PrizeWinnerTicket #
    Grand prize Luscombe 8E AirplaneJack Mason7696
    Handheld GPSTrent Tobias7866
    Handheld RadioPatrick Craig9455
    $200 gift purchase certificatesDietmarr Kubb8662
    Ray Durkee9075
    "THE LUSCOMBE" book by Saletri Michael Larkin7377
    Donna Stillo8971
    Earl Harquist8143
    Gary Worm7918

    Cash early bird winners were previously announced-
    PrizeWinnerTicket #
    $500Alfred Kelp7131
    $500Cary Wallace7646

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